Real time web pages tracking system, created for everyone.

Even for You!

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Have you ever bought an item on the internet? Then probably you have faced the situation when your bought item became cheaper after few days. It is really annoying!

If you want to buy item for the best price you have to check tens of pages every day and that could take you weeks, until you find lower prices. All this process is so boring and time consuming.

So we are glad that we can help you. Our team of qualified engineers has developed a web pages tracking system, which can save you time and check all pages for you. All you need is just copy URL of page you want to track and you will be one click away from creating a tag for page and that’s all! Now you are free to go and enjoy spending your saved time, you can be calm - our system will notify you when price of your selected product drops.

That is only one of Taggye use cases, so check the list below and we guarantee you will find at least one case that would perfectly suite you.

We can save your time and money.
It sounds to good to be true?
Check the list below!

Taggye system usage examples:


Want to buy a new TV, phone, PC or anything? Tag it on Taggye and get an instant SMS or email notification when price drops lower than your selected price.

Advertisements catching

Want to buy a new car, but don’t want to waste your time every day to check new used car advertisements. Just define your car criteria on any cars advertisement page and get notifications when new advertisements appear.

Weather / Temperature

You plan to travel and you are worried about the weather during your vacation? Tag your preferred places and days and don’t worry, you will get a notification if weather forecast changes.

Discounts and Sales

Love sales and discounts? Tag your favorite pages and get notification when sales start.

Page open

Can’t wait for your favorite online game release? Tag it, get instant notification, and be the first player in the world.

Likes or shares

Started like competition on facebook? Tag your photo or page on Taggye and get notification when your likes/shares goal is reached.


Tag your favorite flight destination and get notifications, when tickets become cheaper.

Meals of the day

Can’t wait until your favorite restaurant posts daily meals menu? Use Taggye to tag and be notified when new daily meals post appears.

Tickets selling opens

You don’t want to miss a new “Star Wars” episode, tag tickets store and get notification when tickets for your favorite movie are available.

New product/software release

Waiting for a new PHP or Ruby version release? Tag it on Taggye and be the first one notified.

Currency exchanges

Like to trade? Use Taggye and get notified when your selected resource reaches expected price.

Induction list announcement

You want to know if your name is in induction list? Just tag a web page which contains the list and get notification after it is announced.

Taggye is world's first system, designed to tag and track any publicly available page.
System will notify user, by SMS or email, instantly
if any changes on his tagged page are detected.

Available plans:


Total tags 5

Active tags 3

Emails Yes

Interval 24 hours

Rules Tester

Price n/a


Total tags 100

Active tags 50

Emails Yes

Interval 6 hours

Rules Basic

Price n/a


Total tags 500

Active tags 200

Emails Yes

Interval 60 minutes

Rules Full

SMS 100

Price n/a


Total tags 1000

Active tags 500

Emails Yes

Interval 5 minutes

Rules Full

SMS 1000

Price n/a

Now you know, that your life could be much happier, with us.
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before official system release.
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